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Things Poor People DO That The Rich DON’T

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They Stay At The Wrong Job

If you are poor, it is more than likely that you have had at least one experience working at a terrible job. Unfortunately, far too many people stay at a bad job for years, even though they know it makes them miserable. People usually do this when they feel desperate or that they can’t get anything better. They are usually underpaid and over stressed, while convincing themselves that they have to stay where they are in order to advance within the company. People who eventually become rich never settle for being treated poorly by their boss or being underpaid. They decided to find a new place to work.

Remember that whatever job you choose should be in line with your career goals. And during an interview, you should be asking questions just as much as they are asking you. Try to think about where you want to be in the next five years. We are not suggesting that you quit your job immediately. It is much better to send out your resume and go on interviews while you are still employed. Once you get a new job, then you can put in your two-week notice to the job that you hate. Remember that successful people never settle for less. They go after their dreams.

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June 10, 2022